Worm Bins and Vermiculture – Compost your kitchen scraps

What to do when you have a ton of compostable kitchen scraps or even tons of juicing pulp? That’s the dilemma I faced when I started working at Juice’d in Orlando, Florida. One of the answers I found was to “Get Worms”.worm bin

Yes I said “Get worms”. Not the kind your dog may get. The kind I’m talking about aren’t parasites, they are composters, they consume organic matter and produce rich soil. I was fortunate enough to see a presentation by the local worm lady Bernie Moro (Our Vital Earth) and was convinced that this was the route to go.

Since I was inundated with copious amounts of worm food from work, now all I needed was proper housing for my worms and the actual worms. Housing was easy to find. There a many DIY options and many purchasable options as well.

I went with the Worm Factory 360 which I purchased off Amazon. The worms I picked up locally from Our Vital Earth.
Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter, Black
It only took a month until I really started to see what the worms could do. As long as you keep them fed and provide them with fresh bedding (dry compostables) they will multiply and produce worm castings (poop) which is nutrient dense soil. This whole process is called “vermiculture”.

Enjoy this video of me adding another layer to my “worm condo”. Feel free to post any questions and comments. -Keep It Live!