60 Day Plant-Based Immersion

60 Day Plant Based for Peak Performance

60 Day Plant Based for Peak Performance (8 week / 2 month)

This program is for high performing individuals that want to apply their business success to their diet and physical health.  Many successful business owners and entrepreneurs neglect their diet as they grind their way to success. This program brings their discipline and focus to the one area of life that needs it most.

What to expect:

> Mental Clarity
> Reduced Pain
> Better Sleep
> Increased Stamina
> Improved Recovery Time
> Normalized Weight
> Normalized Blood Pressure

Program Features:

> Assessment to determine focus areas
> Weekly One on One calls to customize program
> Weekly kitchen calls featuring recipes and lifestyle hacks
> Private Facebook group support
> Video Library of Recipes
> Menu, Shopping Lists and Recipes
> Post Program Check-Ins for the rest of the year
> Option for continued support

$3500.00 Value

Today Only: $1597.00

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