Morning Routine

Greetings boys and girls. Chef Adam here to share his winning morning routine with you.

Years ago… in my 20s, I used to wake up in the mornings with crusty eyes, a throat full of phlegm and stinky breath. Back then, my body was always tight and achy in morning. Now I typically spring out of bed with little effort. No eye boogers, few aches, few pains. And if by chance I’ve lost my “spring”, I reflect on what I’ve been doing the previous days.

The first order of business upon awakening is Gratitude. Yes, I take a moment to give thanks for another day. I even have a rhyme I hum, it goes a little something like this:

“Thank you Lord, for another day. For another chance to live, to love, to learn and play.”

Next I’m off to the bathroom. I usually have to pee first thing. If I’m fasting or tracking my pH, I may take the pH of my morning urine. There was a period of time where I did this often. Now I’m more tuned in so I don’t check it as frequently.

After the pee, I wash my hands and scrape my tongue. You can pick up tongue scrapers at any health food store or online. I actually repurposed a random melon carving tool that I never used in the kitchen, DIY tongue scraper.

Once the tongue has been scraped, I oil pull. I’ve gone periods without oil pulling and I’m always happy when I return to it. It leaves my mouth and teeth feeling fresh and clean. I also notice when I don’t do it I get sensitive spots on my teeth. Take a look at my article about oil pulling for more details.

It’s best to oil pull for at least 10 minutes, so I’m sure to get this going first thing. I can do other tasks while I oil pull as long as they don’t entail talking. Once I get my pull on, I return to the bathroom and dry skin brush. I use a basic vegetable brush attached to a long handle. I usually start with my hands and then feet and work my way up my limbs, finishing with my back and chest. I find it to be warming and invigorating first thing in the morning.

Once I’ve finished skin brushing, I get dressed and start my day. I usually end up in the kitchen putting away dishes from the night before. Next I prepare a tall 20 ounce glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon/lime and a few drops of trace minerals. This is my equivalent to coffee. The purpose of the lemon water is to alkalize, remineralize and hydrate me. At about this time my 10 minutes of oil pulling is up. Time to spit out the oil and drink my lemon water and start my day.

I hope you found this useful and informative. I’d love to hear about your morning routine. Please leave comments and questions below.

Keep It Live!

Chef Adam