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Chef-AdamChef Adam Graham has taught classes, hosted dinners and done presentations in Taiwan, Europe (Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy and Spain), the United States (Arizona, California, Illinois, Vermont, New Mexico and Florida) and Canada. Chef Adam was a demo chef at Raw Spirit Fest East 2009 in Maryland, Raw Spirit 2010 in Arizona and was also a presenter and chef at the New England Healers Symposium 2009 in Greensborough, Vermont. He is available for teaching opportunities around the globe.

In February of 2005, while doing a cleanse and fast in Thailand, Adam Graham had his first Live Food Experience. At the time he did not know the immediate and lasting effects it would have on his life. Upon introduction to the Live Food Lifestyle Adam progressed down the path of Live Foods, with reluctance at first but eventually embracing it and incorporating the Live Food Lifestyle into all aspects of his life. At this time in his life he was living in Taipei, Taiwan and working as an English teacher. It was while living on the beautiful island of Formosa (aka: Taiwan) that he was able to explore the many aspects of live foods without the influence of friends, family and the ever present processed media. Over the following 19 months Adam experimented with sprouting, nut and seed milks, fermenting, dehydrating and all the new and exciting aspects of the Live Food Lifestyle. Eventually he even taught a series of live food classes to Taipei locals that were interested in this new and exciting way to prepare food. This switch from English teacher to Live Foods teacher was a brief glimpse of what the future had in store.

In October of 2006 Adam returned to the United States and did volunteer work for the uplifting vegetarian global media station Supreme Master Television in Los Angeles, California. It was while recording interviews and editing various productions that Adam was able to interact with some of the pillars of the Live Food community like David Wolfe, Angela Stokes, Patricia Bragg and Sergei Boutenko. It was Adam’s exposure to interviews with Gabriel Cousens MD and his books that would lead him to apply for a position as Live Food Chef and Instructor at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona. From September 2007 until May 2009, Adam worked as a live food chef and instructor at Tree of Life while finishing his time there by working for 3 months doing media production for the online media site

During his time at Tree of Life Adam was given the opportunity to interact with and provide instruction to guests from around the world as well as to 4 different café apprenticeship groups.

It was while working as a chef in the Tree of Life Café that he caught wind of plans to open a Vegan Live Food Café in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. In September of 2008 Adam Graham returned to Jacksonville, Florida to assist in the grand opening of Shakti Life Kitchen in Atlantic Beach, Florida. The opening of Shakti Life Kitchen in October of 2008 marked another blessed landmark event for the North Florida community and for Adam’s vision of sharing the benefits of the Live Food Lifestyle with his hometown community.

Have Vitamix will travel

January 2009 manifested the beginning of the next phase of this vision: The Live Food Experience. It is Adam’s intention to assist people in reacquiring their true human potential by providing instruction and support for individuals and groups wishing to expand their understanding of the Live Food Lifestyle and its limitless benefits.

–Live Foods Change Lives!

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  1. Hi Adam, I was really glad to meet you at the Raw Spirit Festival this past weekend. Your food was excellent! Please keep on doing what you do! 🙂


  2. hi, I was excited to come across your website . I would like to know how to take some classes in jacksonville florida. Keep up the good work.

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