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Banana Lama Ding… gone… part 2, the filling

Three bananas Johnny Utah, three.
Three bananas Johnny Utah, three.

I think it’s safe to say that the pie was a success. With little resistance the pie was happily consumed by the JaxRaw meetup members before it could melt in the sun. I will be posting a short video clip from the event but first I must share part 2 of 3 in the making of this yummy raw vegan pie. This filling is a modified version of some of the pie fillings that are listed in I Am Grateful, the amazing recipe book from Cafe Gratitude. I was looking for a pie filling that used Irish Moss. I did a combo of Irish moss and ground chia to thicken things up. Enjoy the latest video. As always, your feedback is appreciated.
Blessings, Adam

Banana Filling Recipe:
1 C water
.3 oz Irish Moss, soaked
3 T hemp seed
2 T ground chia seed
6 pitted dates
2 T lucuma powder
3 bananas
1 vanilla bean scraped
1 t salt

1 thought on “Banana Lama Ding… gone… part 2, the filling”

  1. Your video is awesome: fun, entertaining, easy to follow steps. You can host a show at the Food network.
    Your pie scores very high in presentation; nutrition. I can imagine it tastes good although I have never taste it. (I’m a connoisseur of food, chef & emerging photographer.) Not only does the pie look really attractive, the ingredients are healthy & full of powerful nutrition: chia & hemp provide complete protein & lots of omega 3 & GLA, iron, zinc phosphorus, magnesium…
    You printed your recipe on your site. This encourages lots of beginners to try to make your pie. You also included several important tips to enhance the positive experience of making it. Excellent job!! You may want to consider publishing:

    1. “digital-recipe book” & sells it on your web.
    2. “e-recipe video” & sells it
    3. paper recipe books

    Keep up with your awesome raw work; Good Luck!


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