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Saw Palmetto Harvest

Saw Palmetto Fruits
Saw Palmetto Fruits

Most middle aged dudes who are aware of their prostate have heard of saw palmetto extracts and supplements.  The average person is oblivious to the fact that they grow like crazy all over Florida. The range of the saw palmetto stretches from South Florida up the coast in South Carolina. One of Florida’s major yet little known exports is saw palmetto fruit:

With about 2,000 tons harvested from South Florida and exported to Europe each year, the humble berries have become what some estimate is a $50 million a year crop in the state.

No one knows the precise value because the industry has operated quietly, with immigrant workers earning cash for berries taken from parks, riverbeds and ranch lands with no questions asked and no taxes paid.  AP Press

The Seminole Indians were onto something when they noticed that during the fall months while consuming these olive sized fruits that their need for nocturnal trips to the piss bush was reduced while their mojo was increased.

Noni's long lost sibling
Noni's long lost sibling

To my pleasant surprise I was greeted by several drooping bunches of ripe and semi ripe saw palmetto fruits the other day in my parent’s side yard. Being an amateur wild forager I was aware that these guys were edible but not very palatable. Maybe they’re an acquired taste I thought as I found a black juicy ripe one to sample. There was a oily sap coating the ripe ones so I rinsed it just in case it was rabid armadillo spray or something that may spoil this foraging experience. I’d like to mention how ironic it is that these berries are supposed to support prostate health and the prostate being next door neighbors with the asshole. It seems fitting that these olive looking berries should taste like a bag of assholes. You may be saying this is a pretty harsh description, well the only thing I can compare saw palmetto to is noni, ripe, mushy, blue cheese funk noni. I’m talking the fresh stuff off the tree, not some sissy fruit juice concentrate that had a noni fruit placed next to the bottle while the label was applied. I acknowledge the magical healing properties inherent to the noni fruit. Though the taste is a potent deterrent it can’t be denied that noni is powerful medicine especially since your face goes numb after eating it. I’m still experimenting with saw palmetto berries to see if I can adopt a taste for them.  Imagine if blue cheese and vomit had a love child. Actually it’s not that bad… well, maybe. There is a brief instant where it almost tastes good. I haven’t given up on these dingle berries though. At this moment I’m pickling a jar of them. Hopefully the salt and vinegar may deactivate some of the vomitis properties inherent to the fresh berries. Time will tell.

They look like olives, don't taste like them
They look like olives, don't taste like them
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Post-Surf Smoothie

Surfs Up
Surfs Up

When fortune smiles upon me and there’s good surf in the morning, I down a morning glass of water and paddle out for a AM surf session. It’s nice to start the morning off with a bit of exercise to stoke the appetite. After an hour or so of flailing around in the ocean… hopefully spending a majority of time above the water than below, I return home with quite an appetite. Tops on my list of post-surf meals is durian, but that isn’t always an option. This week I have a surplus of pears and blood oranges so that’s what has been going into my smoothies. Enjoy this how to smoothie video… Keep it Live.

Recipe: Pear Blood Orange Smoothie – serves 2

3 Blood Oranges

2 Pears

2 Bananas

1 C water

3 T Dry Nettle – Add fresh  1 C packed Spinach or fresh Nettle if possible

1 T Greener Grasses

1 T apple cider vinegar

1 t Bacopa Monieri

1 t Tribulus Terrestris Saponins

1 t Holy Basil

pinch of Himalayan Salt

Raise your smoothie potential by adding these ingredients.

Raise the Bar: 1 T Cinnamon, 1/2 T Fresh Ginger, 1 t Orange Zest