The good news about chia.


*ALA, the omega 3 fatty acid found in chia shows a very good conversion rate to EPA (a major omega 3 fatty acid found in fish oil).  One study showed as much as 60% increase in serum EPA concentrations after 12 weeks of ALA intake.  ALA conversion to DHA (another omega 3 fatty acid found in fish oil), is minimal.

*It appears that EPA alone, with DHA can protect against heart attacks.  In a major Japanese study subjects given EPA had 19% fewer cardiac events over five years, compared to those given a placebo.

*Another study showed that EPA protects skin against sunburn and protects against skin damage from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

*More research is needed to reveal all the health effects of ALA, but it appears that chia and other sources of ALA may yield many of the same health benefits as fish oil.

Jack Bukowski, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, NSRI

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine

Harvard Medical School

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Aloe Vera… Swine Flu Protection?

Got Aloe?
Got Aloe?

Aloe vera is a plant almost everyone is familiar with and that many have growing in and around their home. If looked at as only an ornamental or at most a topical treatment you do yourself and aloe a great disservice.  I lifted this information from www.herbwisdom.com…

Aloe vera is one of the only known natural vegetarian sources of Vitamin B12, and it contains many minerals vital to the growth process and healthy function of all the body’s systems. Numerous studies worldwide indicate that aloe vera is a general tonic for the immune system, helping it to fight illness of all kinds. Various research studies are underway to explore the potential of aloe vera components to boost immunity and combat the HIV virus, and to treat certain types of cancer (particularly leukemia). It may even have a role to play in managing diabetes.

So here’s goo that most peoples interaction with is to squirt it from a bottle after it has been processed and colored green or blue and spread it all over their newly acquired sunburn. It’s cheap, abundant and easily grown and harvested yet the masses prefer their aloe off the shelf, processed, colored and in a bottle. Time to take full advantage of this natural healer. If you have a plant, harvest the leaves. If you don’t, get one or find a friend who has one and harvest their leaves. Read the quote above again and click on the link and read further if you like. We’re talking cancer, HIV and diabetes… and that’s just an overview. Aloe could potentially clear you of all your past parking tickets and return your overdue books to the library.

The video shares my personal method of cutting and  eating aloe. Enjoy… and Keep It Live!