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Kale Does the Body Good!

Kale in a glass
Got Kale?

All those folks with their milk mustache got it all wrong. The statistics regarding the consumption of pasteurized dairy and the incidence of osteoporosis and other chronic diseases paint a pretty clear picture… “milk doesn’t do the body good“. The milk I’m talking about is factory farmed, mechanically extracted, puss laden, pasteurized milk.

What’s a healthy calcium source you ask? KALE. Yes that fibrous leafy green that is used for a decoration on your plate in upscale restaurants. In many cases it’s the only thing on the plate that is safe for human consumption. Kale is your friend. It’s a mineral rich leafy green that can change your life if you give it a chance.

The trick to kale is knowing how to prepare it and that trick is “massaging” it. The procedure goes as follows:

  1. Rinse the kale and shake off the excess water.
  2. Stem the kale and place the leafy pieces in a large bowl.
  3. Lightly salt the kale. Add about a 1/2 teaspoon per bunch.
  4. Now massage the kale. Don’t be gentle, kale likes it rough. Rip it, squeeze it, rub it together, crinkle it up.
  5. You know you’re done when the kale becomes shiny and wilted. Eventually it will give off an earthy smell.
  6. Allow the kale to sit for 20 minutes and prepare other veggies to add to your kale salad.

You can squeeze some lemon juice or add some apple cider vinegar and massage it in. Drizzle your favorite cold pressed oil on top of your salad.

Some great additions to a kale salad are: avocado, carrot, celery, apple, tomatoes and bell peppers. The creation below has carrot, purple cabbage, marinated onions and green onions. I made a dressing with chickpea miso, tamari, hemp oil and apple cider vinegar. The picture was taken moments before I dumped a tablespoon of spirulina on my salad… mmmmm, spirulina.

Kale Salad
Calcium You Can Use