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North Florida Veg Fest!

Saturday Nov. 6th 10am-5pm

Greeting Health Fans,

If you haven’t heard already, Jacksonville, Florida is have its very first VegFest this Saturday at Riverside Park. I’llĀ  be doing a raw food demo on the main stage at noon and will have copies of Zen and the Art of Gadgeting available for purchase as well. The first annual North Florida VegFest is a very special event considering Jacksonville is once again without a single vegetarian restaurant. For a brief period (Oct. 2008 – Dec. 2009) Jacksonville had Shakti Life Kitchen in Atlantic Beach. Shakti cuisine can still be found at local retailers like Biomax, Native Sun and at some European Street locations, but that’s no substitute for not having a restaurant for vegetarians and vegans. The Sunday following VegFest is a 2 year anniversary celebration for Shakti being held at Skate Station in Mandarin. Click here to get more info about this tasty event.

What’s the big deal about being a vegetarian or vegan you may be asking? If you’re reading this blog most likely you are in the know about the health and environmental benefits of a plant based diet. For those of you that are just stumbling upon this site and who are new to veggie, vegan and raw foods just consider some of these factoids:

  • Reducing or eliminating your consumption of meat and dairy lowers your chances of heart disease, stroke, cancer and other degenerative diseases.
  • Reducing or eliminating meat from your diet limits your exposure to deadly food borne bacteria like Salmonella, E. Coli and Campylobacter which are responsible for thousands of yearly deaths.
  • Eating meat contributes to raised cholesterol levels, elevated cholesterol can contribute to erectile dysfunction aka, impotence.
  • Factory farming is major source of air and water pollution.
  • Factory farming uses excessive amounts of land, water, fossil fuels and pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Meat production is an inefficient use of resources; it takes 16 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef.

For more insights on the benefits of going vegetarian check out this article from Vegetarian Times.

Speaking of articles. Here’s a link to my latest post at Eighty Percent Raw. At the time that I’m posting this the recipe is not up, but I’m sure it will be posted soon. It’s a tasty breakfast cereal recipe that can be served warm or cold. Enjoy the video below that will walk you through how to prepare it.

Keep it Live!