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Chillaxin in Espana

Strawberry Cheeze Cake

The daily schedule in Spain was full of fun and expansive activities. The day started off with fresh wheat grass juice imported from Ireland. The Servants of Love brought home grown sprouts and wheat grass with them for the retreat.

 Packed fridgeCarrot Wraps

After wheat grass was a silent morning walk to the beach. Many of the guests took advantage of the sunny weather in Spain to take a morning swim. Breakfast was served from 9 to 10 which featured fresh fruit, coconut and sesame mylk and sprouted buckwheat granola with crunchy toppings. I stuck with fruit and indulged in cherimoya, one of my favorite fruits. Breakfast in Spain

After breakfast there was meditation, stretching a juice break and a health talk. Of course all of these activities were optional. I was recovering from jetlag so I passed out after breakfast and came to just in time for a delicious raw vegan lunch. There’s nothing better than waking from a nap with an appetite and food waiting.

Lunch featured the carrot flax wraps that Healthy Habits in Wicklow is famous for. There were several prepared salads ready to be stuffed inside of wraps as well: waldorf salad, cheezy brocolli and bell pepper salsa. We indulged in Spanish olives as well. The fun continued after lunch with some free time which the group went to the beach to get a swim in the shore pounding waves. We all stood on the beach watching the waves dump on the sand until one of the group charged into the surf and eased our hesitance. I swam out just past shore break waves and floated on my back as I drifted down the shore. The water was cold and refreshing and I could only last about 5 minutes without a wet suit.Cold Swimmers

After the swim I had to juice a bag of carrot for the dinner soup. Chef Veronica taught a food prep class while I juiced carrots and dinner was on by the time I finished. We feasted on almond croquettes, marinated mushrooms and a spinach salad.Carrot Juicing

The dessert of the evening was strawberry cheeze cake topped with a strawberry sauce. Things wound down after dinner with a musical performance by Brother Seamus, chanting and meditation. More to come as my adventures continue.Croquettes