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Better Late than Never

Malaga Train StationDay of Travel
Spain on a Train

The ongoing saga of The Live Food Experience in Europe continues. I’ve been having too much fun to sit down and do a decent blog post and I apologize. When traveling the ideal time to blog is often elusive, especially when your days are chocked full of uncertainty and adventure. It’s best to “live” first and make blog posts later. Of course I don’t want to cheat you out of the details and events that have passed so I’ll have to rewind to my time in Spain because at the present moment I’m in Terracina, Italy; before I was in Paris, before that I was in Ireland and before that in Paris… so there’s much ground to cover. So we’re in Spain and we are wrapping up the retreat with the Servants of Love. The last day was laid back with buffet style lunch to bring the retreat to a close.

Live Buffet
Live Buffet

Many of the guests were leaving that evening, while others were remaining in Spain for a bit of R and R. Volcanic mischief would end up granting many of the retreat staff an extended holiday.  It takes more than volcanoes to slow me down. My departure from Spain went something like this: On Wednesday April 14th I was up by 7:45am, took a quick shower, packed my gear and had a shot of wheatgrass before dragging my gear to the bus stop to catch the 8:25 to Malaga. My travel plans for the day would include all forms of transport except for boat and bike. Here’s the breakdown: bus to Malaga, train to Madrid, metro to Madrid airport, plane to Beauvais, France, bus to Paris, metro to Arletty’s. Quite an exhausting day. I had finished the all the goodies that Veronica had packed for me well before I got out of Spain so I was hungry once I came through Arletty’s door. Goddess bless her, she had prepared a magical cabbage salad and some kraut to fill my belly before I collapsed in a heap on her futon.Notre Dame
The next morning I awoke to see the rooftops of Paris through the windows of Arletty’s flat. I was anxious to go exploring, but first a breakfast smoothie/porridge was to be had. It was a tasty combination of almond mylk, bananas, local honey, cacao nibs, bee pollen and gojis. After breakfast I was off on my first Parisian adventure which took me to Notre Dame. I also took some time to explore the surrounding neighborhood and I even tried to find the “Bob’s Kitchen”, where I would be preparing a dinner on Saturday night… no luck. It turns out that I walked by the place 3 time and overlooked the tiny black letters “kitchen” that was only signage on the open door of this little restaurant. No worries, green juice heals all injuries both physical and mental and that’s what we enjoyed when I got back to Arletty’s. Purple cabbage and garlic gave this juice some color and kick. That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more from Paris. Keep It Live!Green Juice