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Off to the North

I’m leaving Florida for a visit to family and friends up in Chicago and Michigan. There are a couple of great events coming up. The first is a Juice Feast at Ronora Lodge in Watervliet, Michigan starting August 16th and going until the 19th. I recently was sent the preliminary schedule which looks to be really fun and informative. Immediately following the Feast is a Fest, Green Synergy Fest. It’s a raw food celebration featuring all sorts of raw food inspirational peeps from Aug 20-22nd. As in the past, each time I’ve left Florida during the summer we’ve had some hurricanes and tropical storms that kicked up some good surf. I’m hoping Mother Nature can hold off until I get back at the end of the month.

Enjoy this recipe which combines some unlikely summer produce, The Mango Okra Salad:

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