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Thai Style in Paris

Kitchen CruWhen we left off, Arletty and I were preparing food in her tiny flat for the Thai style dinner at Bob’s Kitchen. The picture above is of “Bob’s Kitchen” kitchen, not Arletty’s. I spiralized zucchini in the living room and cracked coconuts while Arletty prepared smoothies in the kitchen. Eventually I took my turn with the Vita and prepared the almond miso sauce and the Thai coconut soup. Some where during all of this I also made the green papaya salad. Dinner went from 1 seating to 2. I was unsure about having enough food but we had just enough soup to feed the masses and portions left over of everything else. Arletty at KitchenSome how Arletty was able to seat people, take drink orders and serve all the people in the restaurant while I focused on finishing the food prep on location and plating everything. We were under staffed but pulling through some how. A friend of Arletty’s, Jeff, showed up for the dinner and offered to help… we took him up on the offer. Mark also rolled up his sleeves and rescued us from the mountain of dishes that was forming in the sink. The reviews seemed to be good. There were some complaints regarding too much “spice” in some of the dishes. No one told me in advance that French peeps don’t like “the heat”. The same seems to be true in Italy and Ireland as well. Wow! What a night. We got out of Bob’s Kitchen at about 11 pm, but the night wasn’t finished. We had invited a couple of dinner guests that had driven in from Belgium (Katarina and Karima) back to the flat to talk about the rawfoods scene in Europe. Katarina invited me to teach a class in Belgium which we scheduled for the end of May. We were able to turn in for the night at about 1am. The following Sunday morning, with no recovery time, we put on a raw food class… not the best idea, but we pulled it off. The class was held at Bob’s Juice Bar and 12 folks packed into its cozy confines. I taught the class while Arletty translated into French. By the days end we were both wiped out. With the dinner and class behind us it was time to enjoy Paris. More to come. Keep it Live!

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  1. Hiya Adam…Bonjour!! Ca Va Bien? Wow, that sounds like a whirlwind of food and fun adventures in the kitchen. Thanks for posting in spite of your busy schedule, it is great to hear the news. I sent you a long note the other day, all is well now. I was a bit chatty and nervous due to the influx of sugar in my system…now that I am high on my usual veggies all is much more calm. Quebec Sunshine and lots of fresh air is a great booster too. I know about the spice thing with my European background, mild spice is the norm here in Quebec too. Lots of flavor but not alot of “heat” 🙂 big HUG…CHristy

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