Spain adventures :Nerja

Cherimoya Treat

Let me tell you about a favorite fruit of mine… cherimoya.
A delicate and delicious treat, cherimoya is juicy and sweet. Outer green, inner white with seeds of black, it’s quite a site… to behold is nice but to taste is sublime. It melts in you mouth and stops all time. Pick them firm and let them soften. Split in half and eat them often.

Nerja BeachesIt must be Paris that is inspiring me to poetry. Before I share my Parisian adventures I must wrap up my time in Spain. The second full day of the Spain retreat had us going on a field trip to Nerja. This quaint Spanish town spans a hillside over looking the Mediterranean Sea. It’s winding streets all seem to thread their way down to the waterfront where cafes and plazas sprawl out and cove tucked beaches dot the meandering shoreline. We started off as one group but eventually splintered into several groups. I ended up on a solo mission in which my task was to get a swim, bask in the sun, visit an internet shop and make it back to the bus stop in time to catch the last bus back to Benajarafe. A simple task indeed that only became a bit challenging after I made a wrong turn on my way back to the bus stop. I underestimated the narrow twisting streets of Nerja and found myself in uncharted territory. solo travelerFortunately I found a large tourist map in my wanderings and was able to pinpoint my location.The cool thing about Nerja was that if you wanted to get back to the city center you just had to keep walking up, which I did and I made it back with time to spare.

dried carob podsOn our way home we had to change buses in Torro del Mar, another coastal town. I wandered off for a stroll and found a lovely park and a carob tree. I noticed the unripe green pods on the tree and then looked down at my feet to see I was surrounded by hundreds of ripe brown pods. Many of them were broken and half eaten by critters but I managed to gather a few keepers which I brought home to wash and dehydrate. One thing I found amazing about the cities I visited in Spain was the abundance of fruit trees in public places. Citrus was standard on all of the parkways and in Torro del Mar one area had dozens of peach trees loaded with tiny unripe fruits. Looks like I’ll have to time my next visit to coincide with the peach harvest. Back on the bus, we returned to the villa for a light dinner with nori rolls and a chocolate, cherimoya, mint parfait… quite the live food experience.

Nori Dinner Parfait 3 way

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