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LFE in Spain

Malaga, Spain
Coast of Spain

After a 32 hour day of travel I arrived at my final destination in Malaga, Spain on April 9th. As the plane prepared to land I noticed the olive orchards surrounding the airport. Malaga is on the southern coast of Spain nestled along the Mediterranean sea. Thoughts of delicious local produce filled my head. One thing I was hoping was in season was cherimoya… I would soon find out. But first let’s cover the details of how a rawfooder survives a 32 hour travel day. First thing on the list is hydrating yourself the day prior to flying. I had a good amount of water the night before and the morning I was set to fly. Breakfast consisted of light miso soup. I pack ed 6 oranges and some carrots for my flight.

Mile High Gadget
Mile High Gadget

I was also equipped with  goji berries, a bag of dates, cacao beans for stuffing into dates, spirulina powder and chlorella tabs. Water is one thing you can’t bring into the airport so hydrating foods are a must. Cucumbers, apples and even bell peppers make great travel foods. There’s a tendency to pack a bunch of dry fruits, nuts and seeds… this is counter to the whole hydration thing. It’s nice to also travel with a small container of Himalayan or sea salt. You can add a pinch of this to your water or use it on the foods you bring with you. I burned through all my food except for one orange before I had even gotten out of the states, thanks to a 6 hour layover in Philly. Before we took off for Europe I did purchase a couple of ripe bananas from one of the food pirates at the airport. This was the makings for a yummy creation that kept me satisfied as we crossed the Atlantic.

Here’s the procedure for what I have named “The Mile High Gadget”

  1. Juice one orange into a bowl (I used an empty salad container from the in flight meal)
  2. Place a handful of gojis into juice to soak for 10 minutes.
  3. Stir in 1 T of spirulina powder.
  4. Cut up 2 bananas and carefully mix with a spoon coating the banana.
  5. Eat, Enjoy and be sure to smile at passengers and flight attendants who will cringe at your green teeth.

This was truly a satisfying feast. Often times I’ve done the Apple Avo Gadget on flights, this works just as well.

In Malaga, Spain I collected my bags and caught a bus to the city station where I caught a second bus to my final destination in the small coastal town of Benajarafe. I was surprised to see the Mediterranean with wind whipped waves. As the bus cruised along the coast I caught site of local surfers taking advantage of the waves. As I write this post I can look outside and see that the wind and waves have subsided to leave the Mediterranean that most people are familiar with.

Spain Retreat
Life is Good

Gabrielle Kirby met me at the bus stop in Benajarafe around 5pm. She is one of the members of the Servants of Love who organized this event. She and I met a couple years ago out at The Tree of Life. I had arrived just in time to get a quick swim in the pool and shower before the group orientation.

Spanish Pizza
Dinner is Live!

I was the one American amongst the group from Ireland. We all took turns introducing ourselves and sharing a bit about our interest in healthy living. It was great connecting with all of these lovely people that would become great friends over the next few days, but there was one thing on my mind and it was the magical rawfood dinner that we were about to enjoy. The main course was a Spanish style pizza on a flax and buckwheat crust topped with olives, peppers, mushrooms and a cheezy sauce. This was accompanied by a sprout salad, all of which had been grown in and brought from Ireland. To round out the entree there was cauliflower with a cashew cheese sauce. It was a delish feast indeed.

Dessert was the next thing on my mind… actually dessert is always on my mind. Fresh strawberries, coconut whip, fresh mint and a banana cookie finished things off on a sweet note. Needless to say after this amazing meal I was ready to recover from my travels. The excitement doesn’t end here. Tune in for the next installment from my adventures in Spain. Keep It Live!

strawberry dessert
Sweet Relief

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  1. Hi Adam! Glad to hear all is well and your travels went smoothly…the mile high gadget looked awesome and I admire your creativity and adventurous spirit! Happy exploring!

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