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Events Update – Post Cards from Europe

LFE Postcard
Wish You Were Here

I’ve updated the events page. There are lots of fun things happening this Spring, Summer and Fall. This is just an overview. I’m sure there will be more classes added to the mix in Jacksonville and around the state of Florida.

For more raw food support please visit and join the 80 Percent Raw online community. I am one of the featured chefs who contribute a recipe every month. Check out the recipes and vote on your favorite one. If you don’t have a favorite, just vote for me. Vote early, vote often. My contribution this month is a “Sweet Onion Bread” recipe that is perfect for snacking or making sandwiches… gluten free, cruelty free, guilt free and delicious. Next month (May) I’m contributing a dessert recipe. Actually I just finished making it and videoing the recipe. It’s a 2 layer parfait with a white chocolate, vanilla layer and a goji, lucuma layer. Look for it in May.

Visit the “store” and download Zen and the Art of Gadgeting if you haven’t already. I’d love to hear some feedback, book review, recipe review… anything.

As an incentive for “downloading and donating” I’ll send you a personalized postcard from my travels. Just send along your name and address to me after you’ve downloaded and donated. These donations help maintain the site and keep the content freely flowing. Stay tuned for my adventures in Europe.

Keep it Live!

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