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Chef Franky G's Food Challenge 2010

On Saturday I was having a little meditation session, you know quiet time, OK, I was napping while sitting up. While in this peaceful nap state I was thinking about an “Iron Chef” type challenge show that featured rawfood chefs, but not so much a competition as a collaboration. It was a pleasant little concept. When I finished my daydream I checked my email to see that my little dream had come true… to a certain extent, in the form of Food Challenge 2010 from Chef Frank Giglio. First off, let me tell you about Frank Giglio. Frank is an amazing chef, athlete and an all around swell guy. He was the first apprentice to greet me when I stumbled into the dorms at The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in the dark of night… actually there was another apprentice there as well, but Frank was my roomie for the last few weeks of his apprenticeship, so he gets top billing. That was back in September of 2007. Franky was offered a managing chef position at the TOL cafe and it was during that time that he taught me a thing or two about cheffing Franky G style… beet pesto, who would have thought it would taste so good?

So what’s the Food Challenge 2010? Here’s an excerpt from his site:

Take a look into your cupboard or fridge and pick a few ingredients that you don’t know how to use, or that need to be used up.  With the list, I will then create a recipe for you.  You then try it out, maybe take a picture, then send it back to me.  If the dish was a hit, then I get a thumbs up!

So I’m sending out my challenge in video form to Chef Frank. If he wants to send one back I welcome it. And for those of you at home… send in your challenge to me or Frank if you’d like.

Keep It Live!  Adam

5 thoughts on “Chef Franky G's Food Challenge 2010”

  1. Okay Adam…

    After numerous hours in the lab, this is what i have come up with…

    The reishi as you know needs to decoct to bring out the medicinal properties in it.
    Lets make a savory reishi “broth”

    For that you will need the following:
    reishi-chop into smaller bits
    leek tops
    celeriac tops
    fresh or dried thyme, rosemary

    Gently simmer for 1 hr or more.. Strain…

    Now we have a wonderful medicinal soup base.
    I am imagining blending the broth with some miso.

    For the veggies:
    -Thinly slice the portobellos and drizzle with olive oil and ume plum vinegar or your prefered salty element(nama shoyu, tamari, etc…) Allow to marinate until nice and soft.
    -Mandoline the celery root then cut into thin julienne. Place in a bowl.
    -Thinly slice the brussel sprouts, place with the celeriac

    Drizzle in some olive oil, a splash of lemon, a touch of salt, black pepper.

    If you have some scallions, chop and add as well.

    Place the salad in the center of a bowl. Pour some of the medicinal-miso broth around.


  2. How fun! I love this idea, kind of reminds me of my fav yoga teacher telling us to give him 5 questions and that he would answer them all together in one stream of consiousness.

    I love 80% Raw, and am excited to see what the future holds for it!

    Namaste, Mandy

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