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Canadian Adventures 1

This Ain't Jax Beach

Just before Christmas I hopped a plane headed from Florida to the great snowy North: Ontario, Canada. I had a direct flight from Orlando to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I drove down from Jacksonville and arrived at the airport in Orlando 2 1/2 hours before departure. Plenty of time to drop off the rental car, check-in and get my cavity search from security. Safely at the WestJet  gate I assessed my travel provisions. I was loaded to the gills with local citrus purchased from the farmer’s market the day before. I had 6 oranges, 2 pink grapefruit and 1 basketball sized pomelo. I’m not sure what I was thinking. This was only a 4 hour flight departing at 8pm and getting in at midnight. I really didn’t need to chow down a bushel of citrus but I figured I needed to stay hydrated for air travel. I started with the grapefruit followed with a couple oranges and brought it home with a pomelo feast at 30,000 feet. The flight crew kept eye balling me as I carved and peeled the pomelo like a big yellow pumpkin. I had to request a trash bag for the peel and pith. The pomelo feast was quite a challenge. There’s no way I was going to finish all the fruit I had brought on board but I was determined to finish the pomelo. The rest of the fruit I would happily donate to the flight crew. Surprisingly I was able to record video footage of my airport and mile high club pomelo experience. Enjoy… more Canadian Adventures to come.

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