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Fermenting Fun: Kimchi Part 2

Enjoy the spicy and dramatic conclusion of the Kimchi Saga. Health never tasted so good… although kimchi and kraut can be a bit stinky.

4 thoughts on “Fermenting Fun: Kimchi Part 2”

  1. Enjoyed the videos, now I gotta make some Kimchi. I really like the one made with cucumbers, I am assuming it has to be a very similar process, right?

  2. The cucumbers were just pickled in brine (salt and water). They pickled for 3 weeks. A really funky “scum” forms on the surface of the water that you have to skin off every few days. You’ll know it when you see it. They turned out great, still eating them. I recorded the process, but haven’t edited it yet. Keep an eye open for it.

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